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Will America Lose Its Soul?

One of the issues that the Pope dealt with in his visit to America was the scandal of sexual abuse that currently exists among Roman Catholic priests. In this regard he commented, "I have already written to the bishops of the United States about the pain of the suffering and scandal caused by the sins of some ministers of the altar. I have told them that I share their concern, especially their concern for the victims of these wrongdoings."

It seems that there are those who have made sacred vows before the Lord, yet have let their hands and eyes wander. It was in this context that the Pontiff asserted, "America needs much prayer -- lest it loose its soul." Indeed this abuse of position is not a situation that is isolated to the Roman Catholic Church as attested by the antics of the Jimmy Swaggarts and Jim Bakkers of Protestantism. Sin is rampant throughout the body of Christ, infecting its members as an epidemic plague.

Where is the purified "bride" that Christ is returning with? Right now I see ministers in the national headlines whose lives have been filled with scandal and immorality. I witness church political structures that are so polluted with men pleasing and ambitious professionals that the message of Christ has taken the back seat to the personal goals of carpetbaggers. If the world is corrupt, the church is worse. There is nothing that you see occurring in the secular world that isn't transpiring right in the sanctuary of God.

On December 7, 1993, former priest, James Porter was sentenced to at least 18 years in prison after three decades of child molestation upon 22 victims. The casualties of this religious exploitation testified in the trial of nightmares, depression, drug and alcohol addiction and at least four attempted suicides.

One of these people, John Warburton, could only lament, "As I look at the face of my fellow survivors, I see the pain we suffered. There is no punishment imaginable that can erase our pain." This is not an ailment restricted to Catholic priests. All-to-often sin is the chosen fruit of the modern church.

This sin became too much for the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops to bear. Hence, on October 24, 1995 they released the document entitled, Walk in the Light; A pastoral Response to Child Sexual Abuse. "We are compelled to speak knowing that the Church carries a heavy burden of responsibility in the area of sexual abuse," the bishops said. "We state firmly and clearly that any act of child sexual abuse is morally evil. It is never justified."

However, Evangelicals, Pentecostal, Charismatics many times forget their personal integrity and behavior under the guise that "sharing the Gospel" is the remedy for all ill. So, they "preach the Word" when their own word is of little value. In the act of proclaiming the truth, they abandon the application of this truth in their very lives. While giving themselves over to political and social subterfuge they declare Christ's message, thinking that this will make everything all right.

The things Christians do in the name of God is astounding! On March 12, 1993, in Bakersfield, Ca., the death penalty of serial killer Joseph Danks was delayed over a Bible verse. During the penalty phase of the deliberations, one of the jurors brought out Numbers 35:16 which states, If a man strikes his victim with anything made of iron and he dies, then he is a murderer; the murderer must be put to death. She had discussed the verse with the pastor and passed it on to other jurors during deliberations.

Now, the integrity of juries is of utmost importance when making decisions concerning criminal law. They all swear to the judge that they will not consider any information other than what has been presented to them in court. Likewise, they affirm that they will consider no other law other than which is read to them at the end of the trial by the judge. Lastly, they promise they will not talk about the case to anyone outside of those they meet with in the deliberation room. It is those who pronounce Christianity while living in a manner which is contrary to the very Gospel they preach, that has brought such a scourge upon the faith.

This leads me to wonder what is going on in our local churches. I can remember the time when my wife was involved in a situation where the behavior of the church-goers as they interfaced with the world was so egregious that a member of the church finally cried out, "If that is what that church is all about, I think I'll go somewhere else."

Unfortunately though, this duplicity of life is what the body of Christ is all about. Pastors teach a doctrine that separates life into different categories. Service to God is translated into service to the organized church. Giving to God is interpreted as offering 10% of your wages to their establishment.

All of this is in order to keep the beast fed -- to keep the machine rolling. The church has become big business now. It takes people and money to keep it operating. The best way to accomplish that is to convince people that the only way they can serve God is to serve Him there.

For years I have marveled at people who obviously attend church in order to "play the game of success." They rub themselves up to the nearest pastor in order to be noticed. If you are not "somebody" you can be certain you will be ignored. These people are called men pleasers.

In spite of their obvious intentions, these phonies continue to prosper in the church -- many times at the expense of the truly faithful. This is the politics of the modern church.

And why do pastors continue to give themselves over to these people? It is because these charlatans will do anything in the church that will make themselves be known. These "helpful" performances are what keep the beast moving.

Indeed, by putting life into categories, pastors have been guilty of teaching the very behavior that creates the Christian monster that we know today. This brute is someone who puts on his smiling face at church only to frown at his co-workers. He is the one who will do anything that is asked of him of his pastor, only to sluff-off on the job, come in late, and take extraordinary long breaks.

But the whole system is completely counterproductive. Of what value is it to proclaim the Word, if you as a juror are ignoring your promise made to a judge? What good is accomplished if you spend night and day at church only to ignore your responsibilities to your family? What is being done for the Kingdom of God by those who "minister" in Christian witnessing programs while blowing people away as they conduct their daily personal business? What good is your money given to the church when the other 90% is used supporting the corruption of Babylon? What kind of worship is it when one bows before God in church only to worship Baal in his daily life? How is it worship for the one who leads songs on Sunday morning when he is wiping the sleep out of his eyes from his late night playing at the bar the night before? What is a prayer life that beseeches God at church only to forget He exists the rest of the week? What can be gained from listening to "good preaching" from the Word while the mind is filled with impure thoughts the rest of the week?

Are we to save lives while destroying them at the same time? Are we to bless God at one moment only to usher curses out the side of our mouth?

James broached this subject of the duality of life. He said it should not be.

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check. . .

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water. (James 3:1-2,9-12 niv)

Now many a pastor today is uneasy with the straight and narrow teachings of James. They reject the notion that Christians are called to abide with Biblical principles, claiming that this is legalism. They admonish that biblical conformity is only a works trip -- that life with Christ is relationship rather than religion. They point to Galatians 5 instructing that the fruit of the Spirit is not something that can be conjured up, but rather something that naturally comes out of a life that has built up a relationship with God.

First of all, though, when the Bible is dealing with the question of legalism and works, it is referring to justification, not Christian living. Indeed, the book of Romans clearly teaches that we cannot attain salvation through our own works. We are saved by grace lest any man should boast.

Yet again we are brought back to the words of Paul who proclaimed, What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! (Rom 6:1-2a niv)

As King Saul found out, when the believer, conforms to the dictums of God it is not works, it is obedience. It is obedience that relationship is centered around. Saul wanted to worship God. Samuel answered, "To obey is better that sacrifice." (I Sam 15:22 niv)

If a child disobeys his father, what is the recourse? Does dad simply excuse the offender's actions to state, "It is not so important what my child does, so long as we build relationship, for that is the most important factor?"

. . .Or does he institute quick and firm discipline to assure his kid that he will never do it again? Does he suggest that if his child merely fellowship with him, everything will be just fine -- that the child will learn to conform by the mere virtue that father and son bond? Or, does he deliver a quick and sharp swat demanding that the child just does what is expected? Be assured, at that moment, relationship will have everything to do with obedience.

But in child rearing, it is the humanist psychologist who stresses bonding above disciple (as if obedience precludes relationship). No doubt this explains where the "relationship rather than legalism theology" has come from.

Be assured, if the fruit of the Spirit is contingent upon relationship, it is likewise qualified by obedience. They are one in the same.

But the church doesn't desire obedience. Obedience doesn't keep the beast fed in their minds. So, they adopt the ends justifies the means theology. They determine that as long as everything seems to keep moving and the Word is going out, that it doesn't matter what is going on behind the scenes. Yet, the ultimate destination of this ends justifies the means theology is unbridled sin.


God's Ministry Gone Bad

One place that this can be seen today is in the contemporary Christian music scene. Powerful music magnates have allowed, through either their own ignorance or lust for money and power, to allow the world's financial and social mediums to invade that which was once considered pure ministry. They console themselves with the rationalization that the cause of Christ is being championed, because of the words in the music they create. But all along, they are cultivating a breeding ground for sin.

For a long time now, the champions of contemporary Christian music have slowly given themselves over to personal compromise. A medium that was once characterized by the power of pure ministry has birthed the Christian rock star donned in sun glasses and the latest fashions.

Over the last decade, contemporary Christian music had burgeoned into a $500 million-plus industry with everything from major record labels, to more than 100 video outlets, concert halls filled with idol worshippers, and marketing material designed to inflate the performer to the status of an idol. With the increased financial productivity of the Christian recording industry, the Christian performer has had the opportunity to "go Hollywood."

By 1995, the popularity of Christian music had risen to such a level that Blockbuster Entertainment, Circuit City, Musicland Group, Tower Records and wholesale suppliers from Was-Mart and K-Mart promoted the Dove awards in order to sell records. Contemporary Christian music was certainly moving into the mainstream of American musical life.

"There's a much broader audience for Christian music and gospel music that perhaps people realize," apprised Pam Horovitz, executive vice president of National Association of Recording Merchandisers in Marlton, N. J. in May 1995.

"We are 3.3 percent of the market right now, which is bigger than jazz and very close to classical. . ." added Bruce Kobish, president of the Nashville-based Gospel Music Association and executive producer of the Dove Awards show.

"We're in a real transition," commented performer Michael Card. ". . . It's almost like there's this entity that has evolved its own values. Everyone seems to be carried along by this beast -- this CCM beast."

Needless to say, many have gotten on this bandwagon as commerciality has slowly replaced ministry. As the medium has become more secularized, so the notions of the heathen have had their say among them.

Then on May 7, 1994 an announcement was made that shook the Contemporary Christian music scene. Only a week after winning gospel music's highest award, Michael English divulged that he was quitting Christian music. "I believe," he lamented, "it is necessary to announce my withdrawal from the Christian music industry because of mistakes I have recently made."

Leslie Dreyfous of the Associated Press reported "He'd been having an affair. An affair with another gospel singer. She and he were both married -- to other people. Together, they were expecting a child."

When English turned in his awards, he was likewise dropped by his record label. His lover was dismissed from her group. Radio stations halted the playing of his music.

"I think all of us have stopped and said, 'Woa. . .that could be any of us,'" shivered Card, himself a multi-Dove Award winner. "The Michael English question isn't even central. It's just a wake up call. . . .The question is: If the industry has very little or no connection to the community, what are we playing for?" . . .And let's no forget to mention the connection to God!


In a Nation of Christians

A great number of Americans sees themselves as Christians. According to the polling data gathered by George Gallup Jr., about 40 percent of Americans attend church each week. This is more than all sports events combined. Likewise, about 90 percent say they pray some time during a typical week. Approximately 70 percent of the inhabitants of America believe in life after death.

In the midst of this great onslaught of Christianity in America, we are witnessing the greatest moral backside this country has ever seen. What does this say about the testimony of Christendom?

With the time drawing to an end, God's people and the unbeliever should become more and more distinct moral entities as they draw further apart from each other. Rather, they seem to be becoming more the same. If the two say the same things and act the same way, how can they be distinguish from each other?

Something has to be done. . . . and that will only begin with the realization that we are not better off or wiser than our predecessors. It might be a humbling admission to fathom that just the opposite is true. . . .It is a fact is displaying itself in the world that we have created for ourselves. We all would be wise to look back and hear the voices from the past. . . .those who are calling the truth out to us.


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Eventually Don served as a pastor at Calvary Chapel Bakersfield to witness thousands of salvations through that ministry. As the music/concert director, Don worked for seven years with most major Christian artist of that time while producing evangelical concerts attended by thousands of young people seeking after God. Don’s Calvary Chapel Praise Choir released the album Let All Who Hath Breath Praise the Lord on the Maranatha! label.

The next years of Don’s life were spent as the praise leader of First Baptist Church in Bakersfield during a time of unprecedented church renewal. Don teamed with the leadership to successfully meld the old with the new through a period of tremendous church growth. During this exciting time, Don’s praise team, Selah, produced the CD Stop and Think About It.

Today Don is the leading force behind Wigtune Company. This webbased project located at www.praisesong.net has provided several million downloads of Don’s music and hymn arrangements to tens of thousands of Christian organizations throughout the world. More music can be found at Don's Southern Cross Band website at www.socrossband.com.

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